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Being a global corporation, Avon employs Associates within numerous departments: ranging from Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology, to Sales and Customer Service.

At Avon, students and graduates have the opportunity to gain their first professional experience within various departments while taking part in the Start your AVONlution Internship Program or by taking particular positions in different areas.

More information about our current job offers can be found in JOB OFFERS.

Our requirements for our candidates may differ depending on which position you apply for. Nevertheless, the qualities that we look for in every candidate are:

  • a pro-active attitude
  • the willingness to learn and develop
  • result-orientation
  • the ability to work in a team
  • being open to change
  • flexibility
  • very good knowledge of English language.

At Avon, all New Hires are supported by a well-structured on-boarding program which enables quick and smooth induction. The Program provides all crucial information about the particular position as well as the company, culture and values.

Our strategy is to hire young talents and support their development within the company. We are looking for candidates with potential, who are hungry for new experiences in a multinational company and are willing to consciously build their career path.



When you apply for a position at Avon, you may be invited to take part in such recruitment stages:



The first step of the process is the screening of your CV and cover letter in reference with the requirements for a particular position. These application documents are, for us, a source of information on your experience and qualifications. This is why it is important to prepare them very carefully and include all the information about your skills that are crucial to the position you apply for. If your application is accepted, we will invite you for an interview with an HR Associate.



During the interview, an HR Associate will verify the information included in your CV regarding your career path and educational background. We would like to find out more about your skills and competencies which you could enhance while working at Avon. Since a very good knowledge of English is crucial to us, part of the interview will be held in this language. The aim of the meeting is the exchange of information. This is when you will have the chance to ask about our offer and the working environment at Avon.



Depending on the position you apply for, you may be asked to take any or all of tests mentioned below:

  • Analytical test
  • Excel / Power Point
  • "In basket"


In case of specific recruitment processes, we may invite you to take part in an Assessment Center. AC involves multiple evaluation techniques, including various types of job-related individual and group tasks, with the aim of assessing your competencies. Sessions take place in our office and specially trained HR Associates are the Assessors.



During this meeting, you will meet your potential supervisor. It will also be the time to find out more about the position you applied for. We will also verify whether your technical knowledge and professional experience is sufficient.



Meeting with a Manager is usually the last stage of the recruitment process. Decision about admittance is taken after thorough analysis of the entire recruitment process.


Internship Program
Start your AVONlution

Start your AVONlution Internship Program is dedicated for young, ambitious people who start their own career. This is a chance to gain first business experience in international company and cooperate with experts, in areas such as: marketing, sales, customer service. It is a year full of challenges, learning and working not only on business cases but also on personal skills and competencies. Last but not least it is an opportunity to develop future career at Avon structures.

It is possible now!
Take part in the recruitment process for next edition of Start your Avonlution Internship.

Steps of recruitment process:

Proces rekrutacji

If your application is accepted, you will be asked to selection process which is:

  • application form
  • analytical tests
  • interview
  • assessment centre

For more information about recruitment process at Avon, please visit Recruitment Process tab.

If you get accepted, you will have a challenging year full of projects and developing duties. The full cycle of the program is as follows:

Cykl programu

Trainee profile:

Internship Program is dedicated to people who:

  • are graduates (or students on the fifth year of their studies)
  • have a very good knowledge of English language
  • have a very good analytical skills
  • have practical experience gained during internships, in student organizations, foreign scholarship or other additional activities
  • are open to changes
  • want to gain new knowledge and take on new challenges, are able to work in a team
  • are creative and full of initiative.

To apply fill the application form and send it to: rekrutacja@avon.com

What our Trainees say?



Program stazowy - Radek "I'm a participant of the "Start your AVONlution" program and a member of the Regional Finance team. The recruitment process was an extremely interesting experience with tasks and studies based on actual business cases. My work at AVON has shown, that those business cases resemble the actual duties and challenges, that I face here every day.

The "Start your AVONlution" program allows me to work with experienced professionals, who are experts in their field. It's a perfect place to exercise "learning-by-doing" idea and gain useful, practical knowledge. I value AVON for its multinational working environment and its matrix organizational structure, as it allows me to touch different subjects in different areas and thus - makes my job even more interesting. Everyone here is very open and sympathetic, so it's very easy to integrate with the whole team quickly.

In my opinion, the "Start your AVONlution" program is a perfect solution for young people, who are looking for challenges at work, are eager to self-develop and are willing to expand their expertise in their areas of interest."



Program stazowy - Magda "Each day of Internship Start your AVONlution brings new challenges, knowledge, skills - everything among friendly, helpful people, who are specialist in areas of their responsibilities. Under the Internship I have joined Business Integration Department responsible e.g. for creating and monitoring incentive programs for various levels of Representatives. During first days, I attended induction trainings, what constituted great opportunity to understand the specificity of the company and of each its department.

My first observation after joining the company concerned the atmosphere. The best word describing it is openness. Such openness is visible also in communication with Management – at the beginning of the Internship we were introduced to Management Team and invited to the meeting with Oksana Zharkova, Amber CEO, on which we discussed our impressions and suggestions.

I have found my participation in the Internship as very satisfying, and for sure I can recommend it to everyone, who wants to experience working in corporation from cosmetic sector."



Program stazowy - Natalia "Start Your AVONlution – I can highly recommend this program, especially to graduates, as it offers a lot of opportunities, but at the same time it requires appropriate involvement from interns - from the very beginning. And this is the point – to set ourselves ambitious goals at the very beginning of our career path. In particular, I recommend it to those interested in FMCG industry – this is great opportunity to learn how Direct Selling Model works and it can be an excellent chance to improve one’s skills which were gained during studies or in previous internship programs.

In Analytics Team (Business Integration Department), in which I am currently working, every day I have an opportunity to expand my knowledge with new analytical tools and sales support models. I can always count on my supervisor’s help as well as on other colleagues from department. Undoubtedly, the work atmosphere is one of the main advantage of this company :) Another advantage for me is the fact that I am mostly using English in my everyday tasks (cooperation with Baltic countries).

Trainees have support from all sides: during this yearly program apart from hard skills’ development, related with specific tasks, one can also develop his/her soft skills - detailed feedback received after Assessment Center session proves to be very helpful for planning one’s personal development.

I encourage to try your best here!"



Program stazowy - Magdalena "I started my AVONlution program in Local Finance Department at the beginning of October. I have collected my first professional experience already before in other international companies. Having some background I can compare and appreciate more the advantages of AVON internship.

Local Finance Department consists of two main parts: planning and reporting of financial results and business controlling. Being an intern, I receive tasks and undertake projects from both those areas. It is great opportunity to work across different finance disciplines in the international, developing company. I help with preparing sales forecasts and analyzing effects of different marketing initiatives. Such responsibilities give me the great opportunity to cooperate closely with other departments such us Sales and Marketing. One of the most important aspects for me is also the fact that I can work with real, daily updated figures connected with sales. I can follow market trends and consumer behavior and learn the relevant details of the mechanism o modern business. I should also emphasize that one of the most significant factors which always influences my opinion of the employer is the positive work environment and the atmosphere between colleagues. To be honest, my present work place surpassed my expectations?

As participants of Start Your AVONlution Program we are treated as all other employees. We receive responsible tasks and take part in different projects but at the same time we are expected to use our initiative, creativity and fresh ideas. What is crucial here is the fact that each of us has their own mentor- the person who we set the objectives with and from who we receive our tasks. We can ask questions and resolve doubts every time we need.

I truly recommend Start Your AVONlution program to everyone who would like to tackle real business issues and grow in a multifunctional, development-oriented company."


Summer Internship Program


  • Avon’s second largest cosmetics production facility in the world located in Garwolin(60 km outside Warsaw)
  • Part of the EMEA Supply Chain (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
  • Cosmetics Distribution Centre for more than 50 countries in the world
  • Advanced production processes based on top quality standards.

We would like to invite you to our annual Summer Internship Program in the following department: Processing, Production, Continuous Improvement, Quality Assurance, Sourcing, New Product, Finance, IT, Chemical and Microbiological Laboratories, R&D.

We give you a chance to experience a 3-month long adventure with Avon. The internship program commences in July and continues through the end of September.
For further information, please go to the Job Adverts site.
Internship placements from different departments will be announced in March.

Internship and work in AOP creates an opportunity for professional development in a very successful international company and a unique chance to cooperate with world class specialists.

Program organisation

Program organisation

We offer

What we offer

Feel invited!

    If you:

  • are a pre-graduate or graduate
  • are committed and you like challenges
  • are open and new experience-oriented
  • are active and determined to act
  • are independent self-starter
  • like and can work in a team
  • demonstrate analytical skills
  • have a very good command of English

Take part in our recruitment process:

What we offer

I STEP – CV analysis

Well prepared and credible CV is like a business card that you give to the potential employer. The recruiter will make first evaluation of your skills based on the CV. Designing it remember to divide it into sections that will make it much easier to locate the key information.

II STEP – Interview

Having been successful in the first stage, you will be invited to an interview. The first interview will be conducted by an HR person, the next one - by your potential future manager.

The goal is to learn about your achievements and experiences so far and the way you cope in problematic situations.
Another important thing is to get to know you better and initially evaluate your alignment with the organizational culture you are about to join.


  • Prepare carefully and analyze your competencies and experiences in relation to the requirements of the position
  • Learn about the company: its history, core business, values related to its organizational culture
  • Be punctual and assign enough time for the meeting
  • Dress smart
  • Give only true information. Remember it is easy to verify what you say
  • Provide full answers to questions but be concise
  • Be yourself – be open but do not be too direct

III STEP – Tests

Avon has defined key competencies that enable people joining our organization to effectively perform their duties and align with the role played. They include reasoning skill or effective analysis skill. These cannot be evaluated based on your CV application form or interview. That is why potential candidates are requested to take tests. Avon uses certified tools drawn up by the SHL company. They are time limited, which is a deliberate attempt to check the candidate’s time management skill.

Final STEP - Feedback

Regardless of the decision taken at the end of the recruitment process, we will provide you with feedback. We will contact you on the phone or via email.
If the decision is positive, you will receive all the necessary information concerning your placement.