The beginning...

Bookseller David H. McConnell founds the company named California Perfume Company, that will eventually become a Fortune 500 company. Mrs. P.F.E. Albee, a 50-year-old wife and mother of two, becomes the California Perfume Company�s first Representative. CPC�s first product is the Little Dot Perfume Set, five single-note fragrances � Lily of the Valley, Violet, Heliotrope, White Rose and Hyacinth.


Turn of the Century

In 1895 CPC opens a manufacturing headquarters in Suffern, New York. Two years later, the company expands the facility to include a laboratory. One year later CPC issues its first brochure. In 1902 California Perfume Company has 10,000 Representatives. In 1905 company introduces Outlook magazine for Representatives - it offers advice and company news. In 1906 CPC issues its first color brochure. In the same year the company�s first ads appear in Good Housekeeping magazine.


The '10s...

In 1914 Operations begin in Montreal, Canada, marking the company�s first international expansion. In 1916 the California Perfume Company incorporates in New York State.


The '20s...

Sales top $1 million for the first time in 1920. For the first time, California Perfume Company uses the Avon name on everyday products. The name is a reference to the river that runs through Stratford-on-Avon, the birthplace of McConnell�s favorite playwright, William Shakespeare. The Avon logo, introduced in 1929 on a cosmetics line, includes a sketch of Anne Hathaway�s (Shakespeare�s wife) cottage.


The '30s...

In 1931 the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is awarded to 11 California Perfume Company products, an unprecedented number for one company. In 1932 the company moves from a monthly campaign to a three-week selling cycle. Subsequently, sales jump 70% in the middle of the Great Depression. 1939 California Perfume Company is renamed Avon Products, Inc.


The '40s...

In 1946 Avon goes public with OTC (over-the-counter) stock. In 1948 Sales surpass $21 million.


The '50s...

In 1953 Avon�s first television advertising is launched. In 1954 The �Ding Dong, Avon Calling� campaign launches and runs through 1967, making it one of the longest and most successful advertising campaigns in history. In the same year the opening of operations in Venezuela marks the company�s first overseas expansion. Avon enters Puerto Rico the same year. In 1955 Avon starts the Avon Foundation in the U.S. which will later become the largest corporate-affiliated philanthropy dedicated to helping women�s causes globally.


The '60s...

In 1957 the number of Avon Representatives grows to 100,000, with the company breaking the $100-million sales mark. Avon enters new markets: Mexico (1958), the United Kingdom, Germany (West) and Brazil (1959), Iceland (1960), Australia (1963), Italy, Spain and France (1966), Japan (1969). In 1961 Avon launches Skin-So-Soft - one of the most recognizable Avon's brand. In 1964 Avon Products, Inc. (AVP) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1969 two-week selling cycles become standard for all U.S. locations.


The '70s...

In 1970s Avon enters such markets as: Argentina, Guatemala, Chile and Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and New Zealand, El Salvador. In 1971 Avon starts selling jewelry. In 1972 sales reach $1 billion and the company has more than 600,000 Representatives worldwide and in 1978 the number of Representatives reaches one million, with sales totaling more than $2 billion. In 1978 Atlanta hosts the first Avon International Women�s Marathon.


The '80s...

In 1980s Avon enters more markets: Honduras and Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Peru and Portugal, United Arab Emirates and the Dominican Republic, Austria and Lebanon, North Cyprus, Reunion Island , Mauritius, Indonesia. In 1986, Avon celebrates its 100th anniversary. With its patented BIOADVANCE skincare product, Avon is the first to use stabilized Retinol. In 1988 the company launches its flagship cosmetics line, Avon Color. In 1989 Avon is the first major cosmetics company to announce a permanent end to animal testing.


The '90s...

In 1990s Avon enters such markets as: China, Hungary and Germany (East), Czech Republic, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia and Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and Ireland, Egypt, South Africa, India and Nicaragua , Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Tunisia, Uruguay and Paraguay, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Latvia. In 1992 Avon launches the ANEW brand, becoming the first company to bring Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) anti-aging technology to the market. Avon U.K. launches the Breast Cancer Crusade to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. Avon is the world�s first beauty company to launch an e-commerce site in the U.S. In 2003, the Avon Foundation introduces its own Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. In 1999 Avon names its first female CEO: Andrea Jung.



Avon enters: Greece, Morocco, Estonia, Moldova, Serbia and South Korea , Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vietnam, Colombia, Finland and FYR Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Kyrgyzstan, Georgia. In 2004 Avon launches its domestic violence program, �Speak Out Against Domestic Violence,� with celebrity spokesperson Salma Hayek. In 2005 Avon opens its 225,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art R&D facility in Suffern, New York. In 2007 Avon kicks off its global �Hello Tomorrow� campaign. Reese Witherspoon is named Avon�s first Global Ambassador. In 2008 Avon has more than $10 billion in sales. 2009 - Avon now has more than 6 million Representatives.



"In 2010 launches �Hello Green Tomorrow� - treeplanting campaign that results in the planting of two million trees by the end of 2010. This program follows an internal initiative for Avon Associates, started in 2009, to raise awareness about environmental sustainability. Throughout the first decade of the new millennium, Avon begins operating in numerous new markets, with heavy expansion in Central and Eastern Europe and the Caribbean Islands. Avon is now in more than 100 markets. In 2011 Avon celebrates 125 years of empowering women!"

  • 1886
  • 1900
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  • 1920
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This is the company

that puts mascara on lashes and food on tables, that fights wrinkles with one hand and Breast Cancer with the other. That knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against Domestic Violence as well as women's financial independence. This is the company that not only brings beauty to doors, but also opens them. The company that supports 6 million Representatives in over 100 countries. This is Avon. The company, that for over 125 years, has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, for women.



Your head says build a career with a global beauty icon and a corporate powerhouse. Your heart says work at a dynamic, innovative company that makes a difference in people's lives. We say, work at Avon and do both. We're the world's number one direct-selling company, a $10 billion success story that has empowered women for more than 125 years. 300 million consumers in more than 100 countries choose Avon products. Work at the company that sells four lipsticks every second, creates 1000 new products every year, and pioneered anti-aging skincare. Be a part of an organization whose corporate philanthropy has become the largest for women, and has raised more than $800 million to improve their lives. Believe in your success at Avon. Make a difference in beauty.

Avon by the numbers
  • 42 000 associates in over 50 countries
  • $ 10 billion annual revenue
  • 4 Avon lipsticks are sold every second
  • 1000 new products every year
  • Avon has 90% brand recognition in all major markets around the world
  • Over 200 scientists work on every breakthrough
  • Avon is one of only a handful of companies to have been on the Fortune 500 list every year since the list's inception
  • Avon was the 1st major cosmetics company to end all testing on animals

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26.06.2014 Sesja Kreatywna dla studentów - HR

Yesterday, June 25th, 2014 the next creative session for students took place in our office. We invited again students under the initiative Unleash Your Creativity. The session was organized by the Human Resources Department. Students were working on the preparation of the employer branding strategy for Avon in 2015 including ideas for posts on YouTube and Instagram. The students came up with a lot of really interesting and innovative ideas. During the session, we learned how young people perceive our brand and what we can do to reach out to a wider group of potential candidates. It was also a great opportunity to promote Avon as an employer. You can still join our Creative Team! Send your CV to rekrutacja@avon.com Next session will take place in late September!

30.04.2014 Sesja kreatywna dla studentów

On Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 the first creative session for students took place in our office. The session was organized under the initiative Unleash Your Creativity by the Marketing Department in collaboration with Human Resources Department. To participate in the session we have invited a group of young people who worked on the preparation of the marketing communication strategy for Avon product. The students came up with a lot of really interesting and innovative ideas. During the session, we learned how young people perceive our brand and what we can do to reach out to a wider group of customers. It was also a great opportunity to promote Avon as an employer. One of the participants is working in Marketing Department now! You can still join our Creative Team! Send your CV to rekrutacja@avon.com

26.03.2014 Dni Kariery AIESEC

Yesterday, March 25th, 2014 Avon participated in Career Days organized by AIESEC in Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Career Days are one of the largest job fairs on polish market. Every year almost 60.000 students and 250 companies are joining the event. Participation in job fairs in Warsaw is crucial for Avon. We are recruiting many students from best universities in Warsaw due to our Start Your Avonlution Internship program as well as to our factory in Garwolin. Students were able to know our offer and talk about career opportunities at Avon. Our stand was visited by hundreds of young people! Next job fairs will be in October, hope to see you there!

12.03.2014 Absolvent Talent Days

Yesterday, March 11th, 2014 Avon participated in Absolvent Talent Days organized by Absolvent.pl in National Stadium in Warsaw. This was a first event organized by Absolvent.pl but the biggest in Poland! Avon Cosmetics, Avon Operation and Finance Shared Service Center were able to meet with young students and graduates to talk about our offer and career opportunities. Our stand was one of the biggest and many students were interested in getting to know our company. Besides, one student joined our Regional Marketing team just after three days! Hope to see you there again in October!

07.03.2014 Avon Cosmetics certyfikowany jakoTop Employer Polska 2014!

We are exceptionally proud to inform that Avon Cosmetics Polska has been certified as Top Employer Polska 2014. This is the second year in a row that we were recognized with this prestigious title granted by the international Top Employers Institute. We were placed among such co-winners as: Heineken, ING, T-Mobile, Philip Morris, Orlen, Play and Orange. The Top Employer certificate is granted as result of the comprehensive audit carried out by the Top Employers Institute - an independent organization which analyzes HR practices in global companies and compares them against the international standards. This means that the Top Employer title is awarded only to the employers with the highest HR standards.



Avon in Poland is the key player in the cosmetics market and the undisputed leader of direct- selling. Avon's competitive edge is undoubtedly the unique distribution channel as well as the individual approach to both Customers and Representatives needs. Avon is also one of the companies with the best corporate social responsibility standards in the world, being engaged in numerous social initiatives. Avon in Poland consists of three independent entities with a total number of over 3 000 employees.

Avon Cosmetics Polska

is the entity located in Warsaw.

Was established in 1992. Employing over 650 people, it is the seat of both local structures, focusing on the domestic market as well as regional functions responsible for managing operations in the 23 markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Avon Operations Polska

is the entity located in Garwolin

It is one of the biggest and most modern cosmetics factories and distribution centers in Europe. Cosmetics produced in Garwolin are exported to over 50 countries worldwide. Innovative and technologically advanced products are being developed based on know-how, experience and formulas created by scientists from Avon's laboratories in Suffern, New York, USA.

Avon EMEA Finance Service Centre

is the entity handling finance and accounting processes for Avon in the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



The following five values are a source of Avon strength. They are close to our hearts now and going to be in the future.

    means we want to live and work in an environment where communications are open where people feel free to take risks, to share their points of view and to speak the truth as they see it. Trust people to do the right thing�and help them to understand your underlying reasoning and philosophy�and they won't disappoint.
    helps us to value differences, to appreciate each person for her or his unique qualities. Through respect, we help bring out the full potential of each person.
    is the cornerstone of empowering associates to assume responsibilities and be the very best they can be. Believe in someone and show it and that person will move mountains to prove you're right.
    simply means we're not always right'we don't have all the answers and we know it. We're no less human than the people who work for us, and we're not afraid to ask for help.
    should be the hallmark of every Avon associate. In setting and observing the highest ethical standards and doing the right thing, we fulfill a duty of care, not only to our Representatives and customers in the communities we serve, but to our colleagues and ourselves.



Avon's Vision

To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women - globally.

Avon's mission is focused on six core aspirations the company continually strives to achieve:
    Build a unique portfolio of beauty and related brands, striving to surpass competitors in quality, innovation, and value, and elevating Avon's image to become the world's most trusted beauty company.
    Become the shopping destination for women, providing a personal, high-touch experience that helps create lifelong customer relationships
    Expand Avon's presence in direct selling, empowering women to achieve economic independence by offering a superior earnings opportunity as well as recognition, service and support, making it easy and rewarding to be affiliated with Avon.
    Deliver superior returns to shareholders by pursuing new growth opportunities while maintaining a commitment to be a responsible, ethical company and a global corporate citizen that is held as a model of success.
    Elevate the company's leadership, including its high standards, respect for diversity, and commitment to helping Associates achieve their highest potential in a positive work environment
    Be a committed global champion for the health and well-being of women through philanthropic efforts, with a focus on breast cancer, domestic violence and women's empowerment.



Avon is deeply committed to improving women's lives and to shining a spotlight on causes important to them. We have engaged and mobilized millions of people in more than 50 countries across 5 continents. Our focus areas are in the fight against breast cancer and violence against women. Every year, Avon donates hundreds of millions of dollars to raise awareness, education and emergency relief.




Knowing Avon's organizational structure will help you find the department that corresponds with your interests and competencies

Warsaw headquarter of Avon Cosmetics is dedicated to the region of Central and Eastern Europe focusing local and regional structures responsible for the actions on the 23 markets.



Awards which received Avon is a prove of our efforts to develop our business, increase customer and employees satisfaction.

Moreover, it is a motivation factor for the continous care of a high level of performance, processes, systems and providing the highest quality of products and services that influence our position on market.

Where When Product Category
2014 Universum TOP 100 Ideal Employer Employer
2014 Top Employers 2014 Employer
2013 Top Employers 2013 Employer
2012 Universum TOP 100 Ideal Employer Employer
2011 Universum TOP 100 Ideal Employer Employer
2012 Anew Clinical Laser Shape Personal Care
2011 Avon Little Red Dress Fragrance
2012 Outspoken by Fergie Fragrance
2011 Anew Clinical Laser Shape/ U by UngaroFever Personal Care / Fragrance
Dobre Rady 2010 U by Ungaro Fever, 1st place Fragrance
2010 Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick
2010 Avon (company) Cosmetics for face care
Best powder (Lula Look) 2010 Bronzing Pearls, 2nd Place Powder
Najlepszy tusz wygladzajacy
(Lula Look)
2010 Super Shock, 2nd place Mascara
2009 Chrisitan Lacroix Absynthe Fragrance
2011 Avon against Breast Cancer Social Campaign
Charity Ball with Celebrities 2011 Avon against Domestic Violence Social Campaign
2014 Trusted Brand  
2014 Service Quality Star  
2012 Avon (product), Cosmetic category Trusted Brand
2012 Avon (company) Top Brand
2012 Avon (company) Strongest Brands
Best Female Managers, Financial Times 2010 Andrea Jung, 2nd place Management
2010 European Trusted Brands, 13th place Trusted Brand